Geek Girl Of The Week: Amy Poehler

Who: Amy Poehler

Type of Geek: The Funny Girl Geek-Next-Door

Whenever I see Amy Poehler come on screen, I laugh. With a seemingly wholesome and innocent demeanor, it doesn’t matter what she’s doing or what she’s saying because I immediately start to giggle. The lady is that funny looking. Wait… That came out wrong.

Amy Poehler started sharpening her funny bone while doing improv in college but really got serious about it when she moved to Chicago in the early ’90s and studied her craft at Second City and ImprovOlympic. That’s where she was introduced to Matt Besser, co-founder of the comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade, which she joined a couple years later.

However, it was her time on Saturday Night Live—as co-anchor on “Weekend Update” and characters like Netti Bo Dance from “Appalachian Emergency Room” and Amber, the one-legged girl with a ’tude (and gnarly sex addiction)—coupled with recent work on Parks And Recreation that really solidify Amy’s goddess status.

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2 Responses to “Geek Girl Of The Week: Amy Poehler”
  1. Breda says:

    I was not a fan until Parks & Rec, but she’s AMAZING on that show. Leslie Knope is one of my favorite characters on television: smart, funny, passionate about (and good at) her job, optimistic, and utterly lovable. I think Ron Swanson’s funnier, but I LIKE Leslie more, and Amy Poehler’s amazing face is a huge part of that. (Actually, the best part of the show is watching facial expressions: the actors are incredible!)

  2. Leslie Simon says:

    I know, right? She’s the master of the hilarious cold stare. PLUS… She gets to suck face with Adam Scott.

    So. Not. Fair.

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