…And Everything Is Going To The Beat

Can you tell I’m completely obsessed with Passion Pit right now? It’s a sickness. Every time I’ve felt down in the past month, if I can somehow manage to stumble my way to the stereo to put on Manners, my body/mind/spirit starts to perk up and I erupt into an impromptu dance party that immediately lifts my mood. It’s the weirdest thing. Passion Pit? More like Passion Prozac! Passion Paxil! Passion Wellbutrin! (Okay, so that one doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, but you get the picture.)

Before I inevitably embark on a million tangents, let me get some work-related announcements out of the way. I just posted a new “Music Is My Boyfriend” column on YourItList.com. This month, it’s about the drool-worthy loveliness of actress/singer combo-packs like Zooey Deschanel, Jenny Lewis and Scarlett Johansson. As much as I want to hate them for being illegally beautiful and stupidly talented, I simply can’t. One listen to the new She & Him album, for example, and I turn into a puddle of Zooey-loving goo. Blerg!


When I’m not scribbling about ScarJo & Co., I’ve been busy with two very special writing projects:

1.) I spent much of the last six weeks blogging for the amazing peeps over at MTV Buzzworthy. Although my time there was only temporary—because I was filling in for the lovely and sassy Tamar while she got married and stuff—I had a total blast! Working for MTV (in any capacity) has been a complete dream come true and something that I’ve dreamt of since I was 11, sneaking episodes of Just Say Julie in the living room while my mom cooked dinner in the kitchen. (In case you don’t know the show, NO 11-year-old should watch it. I wonder if that’s why I turned out the way I did… Hmmm…) Good news, though! I’ll be back on Bieber watch next week while Tamar attends another wedding (though, this time, not her own). I’m stoked!

MTV Buzzworthy

2.) Now that the ink is FINALLY dry on the contracts, I’m absolutely tickled to announce that I’m currently working on my third book! (Cue applause, fireworks and cannons exploding.) I can’t spill too much about it but it’s going to be somewhat of a departure from my last two offerings. First of all, I’m going 100% solo on this one. Secondly, it’s going to be less about music (although there is a music chapter hidden in there somewhere) and more about different facets of pop-culture pertaining to a specific group of underdogs. Third, it’s primarily written for all my sisters-from-another-misters out there. I don’t want to alienate all my bros, of course, but my lady loves are totally going to eat this poop up—at least that’s the goal! Stay tuned because I’m actually going to need your help with this book. I’ll explain later. Swears!

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