Being Duped Vs. Getting Dumped

It’s a moral dilemma rad women deal with on a daily basis. After dealing with a minion who both duped and dumped yours truly, I’d love to hear what you guys think about this particular crossroads and what your experience has been being the duper/dupee and/or the dumper/dumpee. Please comment, email and Twitter me your thoughts. I’d love to repost them here with some sublimely awesome insight on my part. Be afraid, dumpers and dupees. Be very afraid.

One Response to “Being Duped Vs. Getting Dumped”
  1. T.A. says:

    You got wha?? DUMPED? FO reals? You’re a babe, so much so that I have both of your books and googled your name to see if you had a website. So, ya know, one person out there (me, in Oregon, if ya want my number just let me know….) thinks you’re rad.

    As for being dumped, it sucks and that never gets old. The easiest way to get over it, for me, is to stay home, rent movies, read, and listen to music… pretty much everything I do anyways, just more of it. It’ll hurt to like 2 days and then you’re back to crushin on someone else and eating fourth meal, drunk off your ass at 3 a.m., with new said crush.

    Just go out, go record shopping, and don’t think about him. He sucks, probably wasn’t even a good kisser, and liked Dim Mak records, which also sucks.-T.A.

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