Geek Girl Of The Week: Bonnie Burton

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Who: Bonnie Burton

Type of Geek: Jedi-Master Fangirl

Ever since migrating to Lucasfilm in 2003 to become an online content developer, Bonnie Burton’s name has become synonymous with Star Wars and all-things Wookiee. Not only does she run the Kids section of, but she’s also build a lucrative craft career centered around the sci-fi saga and penned two how-to books, You Can Draw Star Wars and The Star Wars Craft Book.

However, there’s a lot more to Burton’s fangirl glory than her work in the Galactic Empire. She also founded one of the first female-centric pop-culture websites,, and wrote about mean girls—long before Tina Fey, mind you—in her essential read Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean To Each Other And How We Can Change.

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  1. SDcomicconFAN says:

    Loved your gig at Comic Con…Star Wars Art…the kids came home and made many, many, (yes many) more Yoda’s and young Jedi crafts!

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