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Okay, it’s official. I’m the biggest slacker since Troy Effing Dyer. I honestly have no excuses except I’ve been trapped under something heavy—and by “something heavy,” I mean “shit-tons of work.” It’s true. Please forgive! I’ve never stopped thinking about you. Swears!!

First things first, it’s about time that I announced the winner of my third Les Simes booktastic prize pack. If ya’ll remember, I asked you all to put your literary thinking caps on and tell me if you could have any author—alive or dead—write the story of your life, who would it be and why? Your answers were all completely brilliant but there can only be one winner. That said, I have to give big ups to Stephanie for choosing Dorothy Parker, a sassy broad after my own heart. Here’s Stephanie’s full answer:

Dorothy Parker, because everything in my life would be 120% wittier and more cynical as well as amusing if she wrote it. After her death, her ashes were kept in her lawyer’s filing cabinet for over 11 years, something I’m sure Dorothy would have found pretty typical of her life. It was those kinds of “good grief” moments that made her snappy and fresh. I’m fairly certain that I was born into the wrong era, and I think Dottie would be able to craft my life story so that I would be able to see what it would have been like if I had landed in the 1920s. And she was a screenwriter, so she could write the movie, too. Although, I’m not sure how far she’d get because she’d probably need to stop a lot to go out for martinis. (What I wouldn’t give for the chance to go back in time and have a drink with that woman!)

Everyone give Stephanie a round of applause!! I  can’t tell you how amazing it is that people are really using their imagination and creativity to come up with crazy-intelligent answers to my questions. It makes me smile from ear to ear. I’m definitely going to keep the contests coming. In fact, my goal is to reach 1,000 Twitter followers by January 1, 2010. Eek! I’m super-nervous about it but I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Plus, when I hit 1,000, I’m going to give away the motherload of booktastic prize packs. You don’t even know! In other words, stay tuned and keep retweeting to win!!

Let’s see… What else have I been doing? Ooooooh! Last week was the best because I went to the opening day of the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary exhibit in Culver City. For anyone who’s met me, I am completely OBSESSED with Sanrio, Tokidoki, Kid Robot and a lot of other toy stuff that I’m probably too old to admit I love. Needless to say, I was in Kitty heaven. The exhibit is open until November 15 so if you’re in the neighborhood, you should most def hoof it over. For those who are not close to the hood, check out these pictures that I snapped:

This week has been a complete blur. I’ve been toiling over the bio for Motion City Soundtrack‘s new album My Dinosaur Life, which comes out January 2010. The album is beyond incredible so it was a really daunting task to scribble up something that lived up to their musical and lyrical brilliance. I hope I came close! I also caught up with the lovely Mr. Chris Carrabba to talk about the new Dashboard Confessional album, Alter The Ending, which comes out November 10, 2010, which is just around the corner. Little known fact: Chris is one of the funniest dudes, like, ever! He comes off all cool and tattooed and baby-pomped but don’t be fooled. Homeboy is a cut-up. I’ll be sure to post the link to the Q&A when it’s up on Metromix. Finally, somewhere in the midst of interviewing, transcribing, writing, napping and snacking, I also managed to snag a front-row spot at Jimmy Kimmel Live to support the insanely talented Chantal Claret and Morningwood. If you squint, you can almost make me out shaking my money-maker. (Warning: You’ve gotta squint really hard to see me. Like, reeeeeeeeally hard. But I swear I was there. In other words, people with astigmatism probably shouldn’t watch this clip.)

Geez, I’m pooped just thinking back on it all. Translation: Time to hit the snooze cruise! However, before I grab my eyemask and turn on the humidifier, be sure to follow me on Twitter!! What are you waiting for?

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