Falling Over Me

This summer has been one big heap of marital bliss for me and my besties. First, it was my BFF Jessica, who got hitched in Ithaca, New York, at the beginning of August. Then, it was my oldest and dearest pal Lesley, who tied the knot in Cleveland a couple weeks ago. Seeing as I was bestowed with the honor of being MOH—that’s “maid of honor,” for the wedding layman—I hoofed it back to attend to my bridal duties.


Not only did I get to spend some QT with the bride before she became a Mrs., but it was rad to see my fam and friends. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I moved from C-Town to Los Angeles. Dang, it feels like an eternity and a flash, at the same time. When I first set my wagons West, it was only to accept a job at Buzznet. I had absolutely no desire in the world to live in L.A. In fact, after I first moved, I most def shed a tear or two over my darling, lil’ old apartment on Lake Ave.

Sure, I moved to L.A. for my career™, but building a life with Buzznet wasn’t meant to be. My tenure at the site only lasted six months, which was definitely a buzz-kill. Knowing what I know now, I’m not sure if I would’ve made the same decisions, but can’t help but credit this year’s professional and personal rollercoaster with opening up a ton of opportunities that would’ve never existed if I were still in Cleveland. That’s something I believe 110%. So, sure, I’ve had a couple huge, colossal, Biggest Loser-size boulders placed in my path over the past six months, but I’ve managed to work my way around them, slowly but surely.

In fact, I celebrated two pretty big triumphs this past April. Not only did I successfully turn 30 without a nervous breakdown but my second book Wish You Were Here was released by HarperCollins on the very same day. Not a shabby way to usher in the next decade of my life, if I do say so myself. I’m not sure why I decided to share any of this with you guys. I guess it’s because this site is also one of the few things that bring a smile to my face on a daily basis. The Les Simes Army might not be large; but we lack in numbers, we make up for in heart.

Case in point: I recently received the most amazing email from a girl named Lauren. Take a look-see…


I can’t tell you how rad it was to get up one morning and see this in my inbox. Freals! Keep ’em coming, peeps. I’m only a tweet away!!

3 Responses to “Falling Over Me”
  1. Damon Huseman says:

    I sent a whole planned trip email to you a month ago. Haha, I even listed everything. Oh well XP

  2. Leslie Simon says:

    OMG! I totes emailed you back about it a coon’s age ago. I’ll resend post haste!!

  3. Damon Huseman says:

    Lol, i feel so rude. haha< i saw the email right afteri sent that. lol, me so sawwee!XP

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