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Hey party people,

If you’re not already following me on Twitter (@redpatterndress), you totes should! No, freals… not only will following me boost your emo cred, but it’ll also help find a cure for lactose intolerance. Okay, that last part isn’t entirely true, but it could be! Sorta. Not really. Gah!!

Seriously, though, I’ve decided to run super-radtastic giveaways every time I add 100 followers. The winner of my first contest was the amazing @hoppusfanmuch who won the cutest lil’ goodie bag put together by yours truly. It contained:





Do the right thing, Spike Lee-style, and follow me on Twitter!! In case you can’t remember my handle, it’s @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress, @redpatterndress!!!

3 Responses to “Follow Me On Twitter And You Could WIN”
  1. Althea says:

    oh hey that’s me! I use those sharpies EVERY DAY.

    The floss not so much because I don’t want to waste it lol.

  2. Leslie Simon says:

    I don’t blame you for not breaking into the floss. I bet it’s disgusting—but in an awesome way!!

    PS… Don’t forget to send me those links. I can’t wait to hear what you thought about the book. Freals!

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