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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve just started work on my third book. [Does the running-man in place!] I don’t want want to give too much away but I will say that it’s a literary celebration of all the fangirls, fashionistas, bookworms, indie chicks, craft mavens and other female misfits out there. (Can I get a “what what?”) That said, I’d like to try something I’ve never done before in my book-writing pursuits: I want to include YOUR input!!

Specifically, I’m looking to put together a guild of girls who are open to having their brains picked throughout this process and providing valuable pearls of wisdom regarding various areas of geek expertise.

If you are: a.) a girl who’s at least 15 years old, 2.) a total pop-culture geek, and 3.) willing to receive semi-regular email questionnaires, then I’d love you to join the guild!

For geek goddesses interested in getting involved, please email me at and include the following information, which will only be seen by my own piercing blue/gray eyes:

Full name
Contact information (city, state, zip, Twitter)
Area of geek expertise (i.e. comedy, music, fangirl, film, literature, domesticity, fashion, etc.)
Why do you consider yourself a geek?

I’d like to think of this as a sorority of sorts—minus the weird paddles and horrible composites. And so, in keeping with the tradition of g(r)eek like, I’d love to offer this opportunity to as many lovely ladies as possible. Are you and your bestie planning on being Tegan & Sara for Halloween next year? Does your frenemy get on your nerves because she can’t stop talking about Twilight? Has your cousin already reserved her tickets to Comic-Con?

If so, then I’d be honored to have you and your peeps join ΓΓΓ (that’s “Gamma Gamma Gamma” for “Geek Girls Guild”)! Spread the word by retexting, retweeting and reposting because the more girl geeks that decide to participate, the better!

Plus, don’t hesitate to email me with questions! Together, geek girls shall inherit the Earth!!

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  1. Hi! I’m Ellen Danger Stanley, age 16. I live in Greeley, Colorado (80634). I am quite the geek myself, as I type this I am learning how to build a pencil crossbow. Overall, I consider myself a music geek. I pride myself in respecting all forms, styles, and genres of music. My range goes anywhere from Bach and Lady GaGa to Arch Enemy and Suicide Silence. I know pretty much everything there is to know about Rock n’ Roll. I grew up with parents who were avid Beatles and Led Zeppelin fans. They encouraged me to surround my life with music. I’m currently a junior at my high school and this year I had the oppurtunity to take a history of rock n’ roll class. My quirky musical tastes reflect upon my image also. It as been said that I have no apparent fashion sense. I embrace my awkwardness and cloak it as individuality. My best friend Lauren Slayman (who has also sent you a reply) and I love to spend nights in watching classic horror films, such as White Zombie, Nosferatu, Night of the Living Dead, House of Dracula, and the Beast of Yucca Flats. Alice Paul is my hero and I believe the ERA should be passed. I have a long list of famous men I’d love to take advantage of and have my way with. I have a unique personality and i pride myself in it.
    Hugs and Bugs

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