I Love L.A. — Not Really: Pt. 2

I just got back from dinner with the fam and I am totes stuffed to the gills. Food coma in effect, ya’ll. However, I couldn’t take a trip on the snooze cruise without updating my trusty website. It’s been waaaaay too long. Freals.

Let’s see… What have I been up to? Mainly, I’ve been traveling. At the end of February, I flew back home to Cleveland to surprise my mom for her birthday. Although it was a short weekend, it was awesome to see the rents and my besties Bridget and Rachel. Four days after returning from C-Town, I hoofed it to NYC for a week of meetings before I met up with the Rockstar Taste Of Chaos tour. It was a rocky start, but I ended up having a total blast. What did I learn on my travels? Read about it here. Let’s just say that I’ll never look at the movie Pinocchio the same way again.

After being home for a week, it’s time to take out my Pack List and prepare to hoof it to Austin for SXSW. OMG… I can’t wait to be home for more than five minutes. So you guys can feel like you’re a part of my jet-setting life, I’m proud to post the second installment of my L.A. Flip Tour. I can’t wait to hear what you think!! Comment away and let me know if there are any other scene landmarks that you’d like me to visit.

Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, pre-order Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide To Your Favorite Music Scenes—From Punk To Indie And Everything In Between on Amazon.com. The book comes out in less than a month—April 7th, to be exact—and the release just happens to be on my birthday. I can’t think of a better present than picking up a copy… Or three!!

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