I Got A Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan

Ever since I moved back to Los Angeles almost two years ago, I’ve spent the majority of my time working my tail to the bone. (No, really. It hurts to sit. TMI.) If I wasn’t prepping — and then promoting — the release of my latest book, Geek Girls Unite, I was navigating the  waters as a marketing director for one of my favorite record labels. And, let me tell you, those waters were mother-effing choppy… and stressful… and slightly unsupportive.

I digress.

To continue with this stupid nautical metaphor that I totally blame on watching endless previews for that terrible Bravo show Below Deck, I have recently docked my boat, dropped my anchor and exited the craft in search of my next great adventure.

And that is guaranteed to include more writing, more updates and more other stuff I can’t think of right now.

Until then, I leave you with a video from my latest musical obsession, Echosmith. When it comes to their alt-pop awesomeness, I am a total smitten kitten. They are currently playing  the Ernie Ball Stage at Warped Tour this summer, and are NOT to be missed. You can thank me later.


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