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For those of you smarty pants who are already following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some pretty dismal updates due to a pretty gnarly cold that has attempted to drag me to hell, Sam Raimi-style. No fear, though. I’m in the midst of waging a pretty impressive war on those pesky lil’ cells of bacteria and they don’t stand a chance. They may take my energy, but they will not take my freedom! (Sorry, but I’ve been dying to type that Braveheart impression forevs. Please forgive!)

In my self-imposed, Kleenex-fueled exile, I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep, correspondence and all the episodes of Law & Order: SVU a gal can stomach. I also managed to find the time in my terribly busy napping and TV-watching sched to clean up, sort and organize my entire front-hall closet, which has turned up some pretty radtastic goodies, tsotchkes and keepsakes that are absolutely purrrrrrfect for upcoming Twitter giveaways. The timing couldn’t be better because thanks to all of you, I’ve passed the 700 follower mark, which means its time for another Twitter-Away Giveaway Contest!!

[Applause, applause.]

This time I thought I’d choose a topic that celebrated the small screen, seeing that the boob tube has been such a huge part of my life, as of late. (Hell, as of ever!) Therefore, if you’d like to answer my latest giveaway, please answer the following question: “If you could live your life inside any TV show—sitcom, drama, sci-fi or otherwise—what would it be and why?”

For example, mine would be Gilmore Girls because I would love to call Stars Hollow home. I want to pick up candlesticks at Kim’s Antiques, chow down pad thai at Al’s Pancake World, take a yoga class with Miss Patty and hold hands with my latest boy toy while strolling around town square. Lorelai would be my bestie and we’d roll up to Woodbridge every Tuesday night to grab drinks after a hard day’s work. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the cupcakery I’d open on Peach Street that would inevitably become the toast of the town.

Okay, Leslie… Back to reality… No matter how bad I wish it were true, Amy Sherman-Palladino is not writing the screenplay of your life—at least not yet.


Twitter-Away Giveaway Instructions:

  1. Leave your answer—including TV SHOW TITLE and EXPLANATION—as a comment on this post.
  2. Be sure to include your Twitter name in your comment, as well. You must be actively following me on Twitter in order to win. Yes, I’ll check so please don’t try to scam me and your fellow followers.
  3. Deadline for submissions is Monday, December 14 at 12 PM PST.
  4. Winner will be notified through Twitter DM so please keep your eyes peeled.
  5. Contests sounds way fancy and profesh when they have detailed instructions, don’t they?

If you and your besties aren’t following me on Twitter, what are you waiting for?? Also, I heart people that RT. Just sayin!!

13 Responses to “Our Little Corner Of The World”
  1. katie says:

    i’d love to be in Glee, cause its crazy dramatic and i’d love to be able to sing and perform.

    my twitter should be linked, but it’s @katiemiranda

  2. Gabe says:

    I would love to be on The OC primary because I want to hang out with Seth Cohen, who is my role model. Plus, if a bunch of water polo guys were hurting me, I’d have Ryan Atwood by my side. Me and Seth, we would very much get along. According to (the awesome wicked book), Everybody Hurts, “[Seth Cohen] liked all the same movies, authors, and CDs that you did.” This is very much true for me as we shared mutual interests. I would also want to check out at the diner place they always hang out at and seek gainful employment at the Bait Shop so I can see all my favorites bands, FOR FREE! Oh and I’ll want to live in a pool house. Probably. Or at least my room will be like Seth’s where band posters are all over my wall. Including a poster of Leslie Simon. And her books. Maybe.

  3. Gabe says:

    oops, forgot to include my twitter name:


  4. Josh C says:

    It’s simple, King Of The Hill. I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on Bobby – the 12-year-old kid – ’cause his life is practically what mine was growing up, awkwardly hilarious. I’d fit right in on Rainy Street, for real.

    Twitter – josh_couillard

  5. Amanda says:

    Any tv show… man that is a hard one.

    I’m going to have to go with 30Rock. I can see myself as a comedy writer/ extra on TGS with Tracy Jordan. My office would be right next to Liz Lemons, and Toofer and I would be able to have intelligent conversations over coffee, while the other writers are busy laughing at the latest YouTube video.

    I would get into the show by moving NYC and becoming neighbors with Liz Lemon, we would become friends after she found out I could cook and am also afraid of choking on something while living alone. We would create a special signal to give each other if we are ever home alone and choking.

    I would be her right hand man (girl) when it came to dealing with Jenna and Tracy problems, and even help out when Kenneth the page was busy.

    This would work perfectly since there are no prominent female “writers” on the show, besides Liz.

    Twitter @AmandaIsACult

  6. Lauren says:


    if i could live in any tv show it would have to be scrubs. i can see myself being elliot and falling for a guy like j.d., having friends like turk and carla, and being around people at work like dr.cox and the janitor. plus i would love to be a doctor and help people without trauma and drama all the time.

  7. Ming-Ming says:

    I’d love to be on 30 Rock. Liz Lemon is seriously like my soul sister – we love nerdy things, eating, and she is absolutely hilarious. I’d totally be down to being a writer for The Girly Show (hey I want to be a writer in real life!) and joining in all the hilarious antics. They actually don’t have a token-asian in that show so I’d be perfect.
    Not only that but it takes place in New York (always wanted to live in New York!) and I’d totally date the hottie Jaime (“Cougars” S2E7).
    Overally, it would be a pretty hilarious lifetime, with bad jokes, witty sarcasm, and curiously strange antics.
    Oh, and I’d totally try to bring Liz and Floyd together… I love Floyd! <3

    My twitter @mingmingly

    Love! <3

  8. Kendra says:

    I love fictional characters on TV more than half the people I come face to face with in reality, so when this question was asked, I thought it would be easier to answer than “Do you want fries with that?” However, when I sat down and took a minute to rerun episodes in my head from 90’s classics to newcomers, I couldn’t decide as fast as I could click a remote.
    I looked at the pros and cons of my obvious choices and decided that none of them would do. Queer As Folk was out because I lack male anatomy. Salute Your Shorts had to take a backseat because I would not want to get stuck making out with Donkey Lips on a dare. House and The Big Bang Theory fell short mainly because bedroom late night antics are the only thing I want out of the main characters…so where does that leave me? A simple question has turned into something one might find at the bottom of a pile of 10th grade assignments ready to be vandalized with red.
    As I was typing that last sentence, a light bulb appeared and cast a glimmer on two shows; Saved By The Bell and Boy Meets World. While Zack Morris is the ultimate wet dream of the 90’s, I went with Shawn Hunter and company. Boy Meets World encompassed everything my life lacked; love life drama, crazy antics and a wise man next door.
    I would live in the trailer lot next to Shawn Hunter’s. Years would pass and I would be that background character viewers would never notice in the 3rd row of Mr. Turner’s English class. Everything would change once senior year came though. I would blossom (hey, a girl can dream). However, Shawn would have just fallen head over heels for Angela. I tell myself love can never be forced and let things be for awhile.
    Then one Friday morning our eyes would meet over sirens and highway fumes. He tells me he can’t hurt Angela and friendship is all we may ever have. As friends we go to Chubbies for a burger. Corey and Topanga notice the connection we have and they tell him it’s apparent what girl he needs to be with. Shawn seeks the advice of Mr. Feeny, who just happens to be in the next booth. Always filled with guidance to be taken and not shaken, Feeny tells Shawn to follow his heart as far as he can without falling off a cliff. Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” plays as the scene fades out into commercials.
    Monday morning would be the start of a new week and a new era for our high school lives. I stand at my locker while the rest of John Adams High lingers close to hear Shawn and Angela’s end. She looks hurt and I feel for her, but on the inside my heart smiles as wide as the Grand Canyon. After that showcase, Shawn walks over to me, that 90’s “everything’s going to be all right” music plays and he leans in and kisses me in front of everyone. The audience would hoot and holler and TGIF viewers would call up their BFFs to gab about the newest couple to take over their Tiger Beats.


  9. Tia says:

    If I were to choose which television show to become my life, it would most definitely be The Office. I can picture my desk at Dunder Mifflin nestled between those of my two newest BFFs Dwight K. Schrute and Jim Halpert. Together, during the work day, Jim and I would dream up new ways to make Dwight’s day as melancholy as possible and laugh immensely at his every reaction to each prank we pull on him. After all, laughing is good for the soul! These pranks of course would be completed when I’m not being sidetracked by my lovable space-case of a boss, Micheal Scott or pretending to sell paper to the people of the world. On my lunch break I would catch the latest gossip from Kelly Kapoor and get the cold shoulder from Angela Kinsey, she can be so stuck up about things. Maybe one day Micheal will send me on a sales call with Dwight, but for now, this would be my life, and I’d soak up every moment of it like a sponge.


  10. Pam says:

    I would like to be in one of the ridiculous Barney Stinson plotlines from How I met your mother. One because Barney is wait-for-it AWesome… but also because every now and then there’s the girl revenge – like when Britney screwed up his sex life for a long time? So I’d wanna be one of the girls who fall for his ridiculous scams, but then you know Lily and Robin would warn me about his scrapbooks and Marshall would deliver the 5th slap in my honor and Ted would offer me his yellow umbrella when it started raining after I left the bar. But then I’d realize I’d lost MY yellow umbrella and so you know, I’d be the Mother.


  11. Estela says:

    After careful consideration, I narrowed down my answer to four shows: (1) Arrested Development (2) NCIS (3) Bored to Death and (4) Flight of the Conchords.

    I’ve decide to go with ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. After three seasons of awesome, they weren’t picked up, but I can’t help but love the dysfunctional Bluth Family! I imagine following them everywhere in Orange County, CA. I wanna work with George Michael at the Banana Stand, as he awkwardly shares his feelings for Maeby. I’d like to hang out with Buster (before & after he has a hook for a hand) and watch as he tries to interact with others. I also hope for the awesome times with Gob watching him do magic tricks and trying to impress his family. Not to mention how much fun it would be to hang with Lindsay and Tobias and try to help them through their marital problems. Also, just trying to support Michael in keeping the family out of jail and not completely bankrupt. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the antics of the Bluth Family? They live in a world of never-nudes, politically incorrect comments, and awkward moments, yet the Bluths put the FUN in dysfunctional :) I’ve decided to now go watch all three seasons back-to-back. Man, I love TV!!!

    Honorable mentions:
    *NCIS: How cool would it be to have Gibbs as a boss and to go to crime scenes with McGee, DiNozzo, and Ziva? :) Not to mention listening to Ducky talk and getting to spend time analyzing everything with Abbey! Dream come true!

    *Bored to Death: I’ve always wanted to be a private investigator. This would be even more amazing hanging with Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman-my dream man!) and exploring all of the five Burroughs and living in Brooklyn!

    *Flight of the Conchords: What’s not to love about Jemaine and Bret? Love to be present at band meetings with Murray and stalking (I mean, accidentally running into) the guys outside their apartment or visiting Dave at his store and going to gigs with Mel. Fun times would ensue!


    P.S. Kinda loved Kendra’s too (sunny_Menagerie) Everyone else also said shows that would be awesome too!!! :)

  12. Courtney says:

    If I could live in any televised scenario I would pick Bones hands down. The team is so much like family and they do amazing things together!!! The lab they work in his so hi-tech and gadgety, they literally have a device for everything. While the chemistry between Booth and Brennan is undeniable, Booth would still be eye-candy to look at, and who would turn down that perk? (Plus, a longing heart for someone who is in love with someone else makes a good subplot) :p

    I think going to work every day with your pseudo-family, working in a tricked out lab solving murders while getting some eye candy (and presumably awesome paychecks) would be an amazing life. Just sayin’.


  13. I would like to live on the mysterious island. Yes, inside this amazing tv show called Lost. I would definitely hang with Shannon (1st and 2nd season) because she’s young and hot. Despite she can be very annoying she’s very down to earth. So we both would be by Jack’s side. We wouldn’t believe in all of John Locke’s lies. There are a lot of personalities living on the island, so I wouldn’t be bored. Hugo Reyes is really funny, Sawyer is a son of a bitch, Saiyd is very handy, Kate is very hot, Claire is very sweet, Michael doesn’t care anything but his son Walt who would be my buddy as well, and Boone would be very jealous of me because of Shannon.

    Anyway, the island would change me in a very positive way. After some time I wouldn’t mind to stay on the island forever, but there’re some little problems: 1. Shannon. She wants to leave the island no matter what because she’s a very material girl. 2. The others. Although we are not in Jacob’s list we are not really in danger but our friends are, and according to the others we are not welcome on the island.

    So the situation is really confusing. We are looking for rescue, but there is no rescue; there is a smoke monster, there are other people living on the island that doesn’t like us; there was a hatch with magnetic properties and we had to push a damn button every 108 mins; now we know that the others killed the dharma iniciative. Then we teamed up with the others because worse people came to the island to kill us. But surprise! Ben had to move the island and the island disappear when we were on an helicopter. Im starting to become a man of faith instead of a man of science.

    I really love this show, now everytime Im on a plane I give every passenger a character of Lost, like “that guy would be Jack, that english man is Charlie”, etc

    Twitter: @asvalerdi

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