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(Leslie’s self-portrait by Nan Lawson)

All of the peeps featured on this page are kid tested, Les Simes approved. Trust.

Whether you’re looking for tunage, blogage or swag-age, this is the place to find all your new fave things. Oh, and be sure to tell ’em I sent you!


Nan Lawson: I fell in love with Nan’s drawings the second I saw them on Etsy, which is why I asked her to work with me on the illustrations for Geek Girls Unite—and, luckily, she said yes! In addition to her personal work, Nan’s illustrations have appeared in Time Out New York, AT&T U-Verse advertisements and Zooey Magazine.

Feliz Navipod: There are very few things my pal Tony Thaxton can’t do. Not only did he tour the world hitting the skins with Motion City Soundtrack, but he’s also an ah-mah-zing toymaker and budding writer. Oh, he’s also the host of a wonderfully entertaining podcast called “Feliz Navipod,” which has featured guests like actor John Ross Bowie, comedian Jonah Ray and, well, lil’ ole me! Subscribe on iTunes.


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  1. Heather-Anne says:

    Hi Leslie! I just finished reading your book “Geek Girls Unite”, and I loved every page of it. I’ve discovered that I’m a healthy dose of fangirl-geek and literary-geek, sufficiently domestic goddess-geek, and a tiny bit music geek. I wanted to tell you about another brand of geek that seems to fit me very well, and it’s a subgroup of the fangirl-geek set: the toy collector geek. Ask most of my friends about what makes me smile and squee, and the first thing they will tell you will be “Care Bears, My Little Ponies, or Monster High dolls”. It’s a geek passion that may not be very well understood by the mainstream–or even some other geeks–but we are a strong and proud community, at least on the Internet. I’ve attended the national My Little Pony Collector’s Convention, am a moderator on a Care Bear Collectors forum, and some of my favorite pastimes is scoping out amazing finds at flea markets and yard sales, restoring abandoned playthings to their former splendor, and gloating to frenemies that the “hunk of plastic” I just paid fifty cents for could net me a Benjamin if I chose to flip it on eBay. Just wanted to represent the toy fans!

  2. Kacie Cruise says:

    Hi Leslie! Just received your book in the mail the other day. Not finished it yet, but I’m loving it so far! I have to ask, have you heard of the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club? The IGGPPC is an online community for geek girls that I joined last year and if it weren’t for them, I don’t think I would be the confident, badass geek that I am today XDD The site’s been around for a year now, and as somebody who believes that geek girls should unite (as I guessed by your book’s title XD), I figured that this online community would be something you would want to know about. Check out geekgirlpenpals.com and take a look!

  3. Leslie Simon says:

    OMG! Kacie, thank you SO much for the kind words. I hope the rest of it makes you smile as much as you’ve read so far. I actually haven’t heard of the IGGPPC, but I love an organization with a good, long abbreviation. I’m gonna check it out as soon as I press “reply.” XX Leslie

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