Geek Girl Of The Week: Rachel Maddow

Who: Rachel Maddow

Type of Geek: Political Geek

If political geek girls aren’t glued to MSNBC weeknights at 9:00 p.m., then they’ve definitely got a season pass set up on their TiVo. No matter what they have to do, missing “The Rachel Maddow Show” isn’t an option. Openly gay and undoubtedly liberal, Maddow approaches the day’s top political headlines with refreshing candor, insight, and the kind of deadpan delivery taught at the Jon Stewart school of news anchoring.

Her outspoken opinions on hot topics like Fox News and the Tea Party have made her somewhat of a polarizing figure, but it’s hard not to respect her spark and sass—especially when she’s calling Bill O’Reilly a “racist baiting f***.”

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