What It’s Like To Stare At A Blank Page

It’s Christmas and everything’s closed so I’ve vowed to spend today writing. So far, this is what I’ve accomplished:

  • Opened draft of YA novel in Microsoft Word
  • Drank two cups of coffee
  • Re-arranged the items in my Amazon cart 14 times but have yet to actually press “order”
  • Looked up ink toner recycling programs at Staples.com
  • Nearly burned myself on the scorching hot prongs when I unplugged my space heater
  • Printed out a 30% off coupon at Ulta
  • Scoped the Sale section on JCrew.com
  • Ate four Peppermint Joe Joe’s
  • Finished the end of Tales From The Script
  • Searched for “book-style tissue box” on eBay
  • Listened to three Ben Kweller albums on Spotify
  • Cleaned finger smudges off my glasses 12 times
  • Decided to write this blog post

In other words, I’m really getting a lot done. I’d like to now introduce the following clip, in which Nic Cage beautifully illustrates my current creative mindset. You watch while I break for lunch.

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