Geek Girl Of The Week: Jenny Hart

A photo posted by Sublime Stitching (@sublimestitching) on Aug 15, 2015 at 6:39pm PDT Who: Jenny Hart Type of Geek: Oh-Sew-Talented Domestic Goddess Geek As part of the infamous Austin Craft Mafia, Jenny Hart and her company Sublime Stitching have brought embroidery out of the pages of the L.L. Bean catalog and into the hands of crafty divas everywhere. Her revolutionary approach to the handicraft pairs traditional needlework with alternative... Read More

Geek Girl Of The Week: Ana Calderon

A photo posted by Ana Calderon (@ana_says) on Jul 18, 2015 at 2:43pm PDT Who: Ana Calderon Type of Geek: Retro Geek Goddess It’s hard to flip through any of the galleries on The Cobra Snake without seeing Ana Calderon somewhere in the frame. With her signature black-brimmed hat and red-lipstick smirk, this Kansas-born trendsetter stands out in a crowd. Whether she’s DJing or promoting an event in the hipster hood, the party doesn’t... Read More

Geek Girl Of The Week: Gloria Steinem

Artists’ rights are human rights. Please sign this petition at: #IRespectMusic — Gloria Steinem (@GloriaSteinem) February 19, 2014 Who: Gloria Steinem Type of Geek: Political Geek Girl No matter how you feel about her political agenda, Gloria Steinem is an inarguable feminist icon and the entire geek girl scene would look very different without  her groundbreaking efforts. In the 1960s,... Read More

Geek Girl Of The Week: Kelly Cutrone

A video posted by Kelly Cutrone (@kellycutrone) on Jun 5, 2015 at 11:21am PDT Who: Kelly Cutrone Type of Geek: Fashionista Geek Girl You might not guess it from her signature stark, all-black wardrobe, but Kelly Cutrone is a style maven like no other. She’s the founder of People’s Revolution—a fashion and lifestyle branding, PR and marketing firm—and she’s responsible putting together the hottest runway shows all over the world, in... Read More

Geek Girl Of The Week: Lorrie Moore

// “Go to a wedding. His relatives. Everyone will compare weight losses and gains. Maiden cousins will be said to have… Posted by Lorrie Moore on Friday, September 6, 2013 Who: Lorrie Moore Type of Geek: Too-Funny-For-Her-Own-Good Literary Geek Some women seek therapy from psychologists; others seek self help from Lorrie Moore. Specifically, they seek Self Help, Moore’s wildly successful and insightful collection of short... Read More

Geek Girl Of The Week: Amy Sedaris

@nitetacos @broadcity A photo posted by Amy Sedaris (@imamysedaris) on Jul 25, 2015 at 7:27pm PDT Who: Amy Sedaris Type of Geek: Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Vomit Funny-Girl Geek Much like Vegemite and Josh Groban, Amy Sedaris is an acquired taste. It’s not because she’s unfunny—it’s almost that she’s too funny. Her comedy knows no limits or boundaries, which can at times annoy people to no end or make them... Read More

Geek Girl Of The Week: Sloane Crosley

Nice labeling. RT @LaurenLeClaire First book club party- @askanyone #warbyparker #teamwarby there was cake! — Sloane Crosley (@askanyone) April 2, 2014 Who: Sloane Crosley Type of Geek: Witty Wordsmith Literary Geek If it weren’t for being locked out of two different Manhattan apartments twice in the same day, Sloane Crosley might not have written her debut collection of essays I Was Told There’d Be... Read More

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