Soundtrack Of My Life: Running Songs

Let me start off by saying that I hate running. I used to say unless there was someone chasing me or a big bag of money across the street, I wasn’t moving these gams for no one. Then I hit 30 — and my metabolism plummeted. I quickly learned if I didn’t want to turn into a big ball of mush, I would need to put aside my problems with jogging and learn how to fly like the wind. After investing in a super-cute outfit, shiny new trainers... Read More

Soundtrack Of My Life: First Name Songs

When I was younger, I totally thought I was famous. Actually, I thought my name was famous. See, my dad was a classic-rock fanatic and insisted on turning up the oldies station whenever we were in the car together. From an early age, I learned to appreciate Motown, soul and, of course, The Beatles. While my friends were freaking out over Milli Vanilli, I was rocking out to Big Bopper. I was especially taken with the song “Groovin'” by... Read More

Soundtrack Of My Life: Songs For The Elements

It’s hot as balls in New York City. (I can say “hot,” right?) It’s humid, sticky, muggy and all sorts of other adjectives to describe the kind of heat wave that has me sweating bullets in the time it takes me to walk from my front stoop to the 7-Eleven on the corner, which can’t be more than 500 feet away. Oh, and as I write this, it’s also currently raining, because it’s not enough for my hair to deal with... Read More

Soundtrack Of My Life: Infatuation Songs

Have you ever become addicted to someone, “Intervention”-style? Like a minute couldn’t go by where you didn’t think about them or what they were doing or who they were doing it with? Like you Googled their name a million times to see if you could piece together a virtual scrapbook of their entire life? Like you had to hunt down all of their past loves so you could see if they were prettier/smarter/thinner/funnier than you... Read More

Soundtrack Of My Life: Songs To Clean To

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes to clean. Okay, I love it. I worship at the altar of my Swiffer Wet Jet. I get giddy when I buy refills of Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner. And sometimes I make a mess just so I have something to tidy up. See, when I put on my cleaning hat*, I also put on my set of dirt-fighting jams to keep me pumped while I scrub and shaking my groove thing while I’m... Read More

Soundtrack Of My Life: NSFW Songs That Have Me SMH

I think someone slipped some Haterade into my vanilla rooibos tea because I’m feeling all sorts of punchy. It’s like the smallest thing will piss me off, and I’ll launch into a grumbly and sarcastic tirade reminiscent of “Really!?! with Seth & Amy.” Plus, I HATE being in a bad mood, which puts me in an even WORSE mood. It’s not pretty, people. Look away. This unexplained aggression has been the inspiration... Read More

Soundtrack Of My Life: Seriously Funny Songs

For me, music is a very emotional thing. Sometimes it makes you cry. (Hats off to you, Mumford And Sons.) Other times it makes you want to break s***. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blasted The Bronx in my apartment, started a one-person circle pit and accidentally knocked over a ficus.) Or it can induce a major case of the ha-has. In the last couple weeks, I’ve put away the weepy ballads and angst anthems in favor of... Read More

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