This Is The Reason I Haven’t Been Sleeping

After weeks of toiling over modular overlays, character counts, and search engine optimization , I’m so proud to announce the launch of Buzznet’s new homepage. I think it’s so pretty to the eyes—but that’s just my humble opinion.


Welcome home, page!

Welcome home, page!

Finally, a proper place to house all my hair-brained ideas—like our new feature “I Want That”, which details all the ridiculous things I spend money on and “Popsicle Interview,” which pins me against various band members to see what kind of conversation we can have before our frozen treat melts! Groundbreaking, right?

Let me see… What else have I been up to? I’ve been cooking a bunch, which isn’t weird in and of itself, but the fact that the results have been edible—even delish—is completely crazy to wrap my head around. With my 30th birthday looming right around the corner, I’m totally into getting in proper shape. No more Doritos for dinner and M&Ms for breakfast. (Yes, I really have eaten meals like that. Don’t judge me.) No more bacon, cheeseburgers and/or bacon cheeseburgers. (Even though they still haunt my dreams. I wonder if that’s normal?) I’m all about protein and portion control—so much so that I’m crossing my fingers and toes that in the next three months, I go from this:

Talk about a cougar

Talk about a cougar.

To this:

The pounds—and the rest of my swimsuit—just melted away.

The pounds—and the rest of my swimsuit—just melted away.

Wish me luck! And, don’t worry… I’ll definitely keep you posted on my soon-to-be supermodel status.

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  1. Ming-Ming says:

    That’s funny. I’m ‘trying’ to look like that too, but I’m not too into going to the gym – kind of boring.

    Hey, I know this may be strange but I’m not quite sure how to really get into contact with you. I’m a huge fan of your work, and really would adore to follow into a similar career path and was wondering if I would be able to get into contact with you for some questions/help and maybe even mentorship.

    I would really appreciate it!


  2. I’m a Danish journalist from The Daily Information in Copenhagen, and with a few years delay I’m doing a feature article on EMO culture as it is today. In my research I stumbled upon your book Everybody Hurts and I would like to ask you a few questions if you have the time.

    The Daily Information is one of only five nation wide papers in Denmark. It is considered to be a serious paper similar to The Independent in England with whom we also syndicate.

    Here Goes:

    – What divides today’s EMO from the one we saw in the 80’ies?

    – What unifies the EMO-kids?

    – Why does the anemian and andrgyne-theme play such a big part?

    – There has been a strong resistance towards the culture in USA, Mexico, Russia and England, where some have called it dangerous and suicidal – should parents bee worried?

    – What divides Scene-kids from EMO-kids?

    – Does young people practicing EMO define them self as EMO?

    – Has EMO gone from a subculutre to a mainstream culture equal to any music culture – hip-hop or pop music, and what does that mean for EMO?

    – What does it mean for the EMO-kids that bands as My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy has grown so popular – almost seems designed by the record label to hit a specific group of teenagers and tweens – and the clothe the kids use to wear now has grown into mainstream fashion?

    – How does a counterculture (as a presume EMO to be) act, when it is taken in by the mainstream?

    Hope to hear from you


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