Au Revoir, New York City

Thanks to my new fave airline Virgin America, I’m currently cruising over my least fave city (Kansas City, MO) at 35,000 feet while surfing the interweb. No, it’s true. I’m using the internet from space! Okay, I’m not exactly in space, but I’m super-high in the sky and that’s close enough for me.

I just spent the last nine days in New York City, where I spent most of my time partaking in the following activities:

1. Pimping my book. Duh. How can I not? Today marks the month anniversary of Wish You Were Here‘s release. Looks like my book’s all grows up! I’ve pretty much being talking to anyone who’ll listen about my views and kookypants opinions on the state of the scene and, thanks to the mad skills of my radastic publicist Aurora, I managed to snag some pretty dope coverage! If you’re interested in hearing me try to sound smart, check out these links: Omaha World-Herald, Washington Post Express, Lawrence World Journal.

Oddly enough, the LWJ piece managed to reach the eyeballs of one Brad Allen, who used to play guitar and bass for Vitreous Humor, which was totes important to the Lawrence, Kansas, scene. Homeboy emailed me and was supes flattered to be in the book! I could barely believe it… Color me stoked!!

2. Getting mucho use out of my wellies because it rained the entire time I was in the Big Apple. Hell, at least I’ve got cute galoshes, right? I actually wasn’t that bummed on the soggy weather because the recent heat wave in Los Angeles nearly caused me to melt a couple weeks back. You can take the girl out of Cleveland but you can’t take Cleveland out of the girl. Speaking of Cleveland, my friend Jonah told me about this hilarious un-authorized tourism video for my hometown which is making the viral rounds online. It’s effing bril—mostly because it’s so spot-on! Cleveland really does only have two buildings. Little-known fact.

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video

3. Drinking too many drinks containing vodka. When you’re trapped in the Dirty Jerz for Bamboozle and it’s raining and you’re not allowed to bring in an umbrella and listening to Brokencyde is making you want to slit your wrists, there’s only one thing left to do: Drink. Drink heavily, in fact. Big ups to the 65-year-old bartender at the Monster Energy Tent for making my vodka and cranberry cocktails extra strong—and for bopping along to Bel Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” while he poured.

Thank goodness I can hold my liquor and I managed to avoid doing something completely mortifying, like falling down the steps from the main stage after watching Taking Back Sunday. Whew! Glad I avoided that embarrassment… Or did I?

Sure, I was three sheets to the wind at the Boozle, but I know I held it together famously during my illustrious book party on Tuesday night at Angels & Kings. The obnoxiously talented Rob Hitt and Erica Dagley were lovely enough to host the soiree and it’s pretty safe to say that all my peeps and I had illegal amounts of fun. I’d tell you more about the debauchery, but then I’d have to kill you!

Photo credit: Art Chick Photos (

Photo credit: Art Chick Photos (

In the time it took me to write this post, the plane flew all the way to Las Vegas. Crazybrains!! Only 331 miles and then I’m home. Thankfully, Sarah Saturday is picking up my tired tush from the airport. If traffic isn’t a bear, it should only be about 45 minutes until I’m reunited with my bed. Ah, bliss.

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  1. Lisa T. says:

    Sorry the party’s over, but that just means we get to hang out on the Best Coast! 😉

  2. Rachel says:

    The Omaha World-Herald? You know how excited that makes me, right?

  3. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  4. Leslie Simon says:

    Woot woot!! I think that brings my subscriber tally up to… um… one!! YAY!!

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